Alana and Josey

When Alana and Josey arrived at my house for their photo session, I giggled to myself and shook my head in awe. They were decked out in camo. My initial response was “Please tell me you brought something else to wear for the photos”. Alana replied , “This is who we are”.
Those words resonated in me. I immediately felt bad for questioning what they wanted to incorporate in their photos. I attempt to take photos that reflect the subject as they are with natural interaction. Having fun and allowing people to be at ease with themselves creates an organic aesthetic that is timeless and speaks to the heart!
I can make recommendations on what to wear and how to accessorize, but if the subject is not comfortable, then the photos won’t reflect what I strive to express, which is beauty. Plain and Simple. My motto is “Life is beautiful. Love is Beautiful. You are beautiful.” I love to capture beauty that the eye sees and the heart feels.
I hope you can feel the love between this mother and daughter!!


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