Chris & Lindsay Engagement

Lindsay is one of my best friends.  We met freshman year in English class at James Wood.  That same year she fell in love with Chris.  As many high school romances do, it came to an end.  Ten years later, their flame was reignited when they ran into each other at a party.  The next day Lindsay called me to tell me how excited she was about running into him and the potential to have a relationship with him.  I think I may have been just as excited with the news!!  Knowing Chris, if he was anything like he was back in the day (calm with a gentle demeanor and a big heart full of love for music and Lindsay) it had potential to be a lasting relationship.

I have always wanted my dear friend to find someone who brings out the best in her and would allow her to shine.  Chris was just that.  Her match.  Her first love.  Her lasting love.

They married in Belize in July and I couldn’t be happier for them!!  Here are some photos we took at Chris’s family’s farm before they became Mr. and Mrs. Lovelace.


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