2013 Favorites

It’s hard to believe 2013 has come and gone. It was such a wonderful year and I continue to be blessed in life.  We welcomed our babe in June and our lives have been so much sweeter ever since. Between being pregnant for the first half of the year, and becoming a new mom in the second half , I was able to work in some portrait sessions, a few weddings, engagements, and family sessions.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites throughout the year!
2013-1-8 2013 1-27 2013-1-3 2013-1-4 2013-1-5 2013-1-2 2013-1-12 2013-1-6 2013-1-7 2013-1-9 2013-1-10 2013-1-13 2013-1-14 2013-1-152013-1-17 2013-1-162013-1-18 2013-1-19 2013-1-21 2013-1-232013-1-26 2013-1 Alana and Josie-1-2 Alana and Josie-1-4 Annie-3-2 Armstrong baby grace-74 baby grace-107 baby grace-116 bryce and ashley-124 bryce and ashley-440 bryce and ashley-465 bryon and megan-164bryon and megan-192bryon and megan-172 bryon and megan-136bryon and megan-222 catherine and marcus engagement-47 catherine and marcus engagement-183catherine and marcus engagement-73 catherine and marcus engagement-122 Clara-1-2 Clara-1-3 Clara-1-4 Clara-1 Easton feet fm 5-8 frankie and molly-148 frankie and molly-422 frankie and molly-463 frankie and molly-464 ice Jennings Family-1-11 jennings family-13 jennings family-51 jennings-1 Lindsay and Chris Engagement-28LC7molly and frankie-79 molly and frankie-101 palm 1 Palm 2 palm family portraits-12 palm family portraits-87 palm family portraits-107 palm family portraits-120 sept annie-1-2 sept annie-1-3 sept annie-1 Summer Lovin-43 2013-1-25bryce and ashley-193baby miller shower-1-4

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