Jennings Family

I met Melissa, Daniel, and their beautiful little girl at Blandy for some laid back fun photos in December.  Boy was it cold that day, but Dani Rose was such a good sport!  She was having so much fun in her big girl rocking chair!  It’s no wonder she’s such a sweet little girl. She gets it from her mommy & daddy!! Hope you enjoy some of my favorites!

Jennings Family-16 jennings family-13Jennings Family-1-5 3 Jennings Family-1-4 2Jennings Family-1-25Jennings Family-1-3 Jennings Family-1-6 Jennings Family-1-7 Jennings Family-1-8 Jennings Family-1-9 Jennings Family-1-10 Jennings Family-1-11 Jennings Family-1-12 Jennings Family-1-13 Jennings Family-1-14 Jennings Family-1-15 Jennings Family-1-16Jennings-11Jennings-1-2 Jennings-1-3 Jennings-1-4 Jennings-1-5

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