Conner Maternity

Conner and I met at Radford freshman year.  Our paths crossed through mutual friends but it wasn’t until junior year that we became close.  Some of my favorite moments from college and my adult life happened with her right by my side.  Conner is like a magnet.  She draws you in with her energy, positivity, smile, and loving heart.  Our shared love for droppin’ it like it’s hot, The Big Lebowski, and scenic drives makes me wonder why we didn’t become friends sooner.  I am one of the many who have been touched by her.  She has the ability to make people feel special, needed, and loved…. not just her family and friends, her students as well.  Her past awards prove that she’s one of the best when it comes to teaching the future.  She loves children so incredibly much and wants them for her own.  There’s no one that deserves to experience a love like that more than Conner!  I’m so happy for the Waldrons as they embark on parenthood. 

Conner and Jon welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby girl into the world on February 18th.

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