Saba and Andrew Maternity

Saba was the first friend that I made while at Radford.  She was my light at the end of the tunnel!  I will never forget my first day while getting situated in the dorm, I was so bummed after I got paired with the most incompatible roomate.  Then, I stepped out of my room and spotted Saba down the hallway.  She greeted me with a smile. She’ll joke that she hated me at first sight because of my long legs and blond hair, but I LOVED HER!!

Saba and Andrew are expecting the arrival of baby Tala in just a few short days.  The anticipation is mounting with every day closer to the due date. Soon we will find out that the little girl growing in her mama’s belly for the past nine months is perfection beyond imagination.

We had so much fun taking these photos.  Andrew’s easy going personality paired with Saba’s humor and wit made for such an awesome afternoon.   Then to top it off, we rewarded ourselves for all of our “hard work” with a yummy dinner.  Hope you enjoy some of my favorites.


SabaSaba-1Saba 1Saba-1-3Saba-1-4Saba 2Saba-1-9Saba 3Saba-1-7Saba 4Saba-1-10Saba-1-15Saba-1-11

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