Marcus + Catherine | Wedding at Cloverdale Barn Winchester, VA

Marcus and Catherine’s wedding was perfect!   The weather, venue, decor, and the lovely couple could not have been more beautiful.  Just wait until you see the glowing bride in her drop dead gorgeous gown and her handsome groom in his dress blues.  I almost had to pinch myself a couple times throughout the day, wondering how I got so lucky to be part of something so special!
c+m2c+m1Heishman Wedding-2Heishman Wedding-3Heishman Wedding-6Heishman Wedding-5c + m 3Heishman Wedding-11 copyHeishman Wedding-12 copyHeishman Wedding-9Heishman Wedding-10Catherine + Marcus-1Catherine + Marcus-1-2Catherine + Marcus-1-3C + m7Catherine + Marcus-1-4Catherine + Marcus-1-5c + mHeishman Wedding-7C + m8Catherine + Marcus-1-6Heishman Wedding-21C + m9Catherine + Marcus-1-7Catherine + Marcus-1-8catherine 1Catherine-1C + m10C + m6C + m5Catherine + Marcus-1-9C + m12Catherine + Marcus-1-10C + m11Heishman Wedding-30

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