Camping | Lake Moomaw

Our first family camping experience was a success! We traveled to the beautiful Lake Moomaw in Bath County, VA.  The lake is surrounded by national forest with just a couple campsites along its perimeter.  It was so nice to spend all weekend enjoying the great outdoors and quality time with the family.  Annie left no stone unturned!  I’m hoping next time we go back she’ll have an appetite for smores and yummy loaded baked potatoes cooked over the campfire, instead of rocks.

Here’s a glimpse of our beautiful weekend!

Camping-2Camping-3Camping-6Camping-8Camping-10Camping-11Camping-12Camping-5Camping-28Camping-14Camping-4Camping-16Camping-17Camping-18annie campingCamping-22Camping-21Camping-19Camping-20Camping-27Camping-26Camping-24Camping-30Camping-33Camping-34Camping-35Camping-32Camping-31

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