Great Harbour Cay Bahamas

Great Harbour Cay-34
Our trip to the Bahamas was amazing. It was such a treat to seek some sun and relaxation for an entire week.  Great Harbor Cay is a small island (7 miles long) west of Nassau.  It’s not to far off the coast of Miami , but far enough away from the frigidness of DC to make you feel like you’re in a different world.  It’s a slow pace of life on the island, with very little commerce.  Even something as simple as food could create a problem had we not planned ahead.

While the guys spent their days snorkeling, spearing fish, and searching for lobsters, the girls relaxed on the beach while reading, listening to some tunes, braiding hair, and exploring the beaches for shells and other interesting things found along the way.

The bright colors, warm sun, soft sand, and beautiful water brought such peace and a renewed energy. This vacation was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my spirit.

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