Vin and Ortencia | Hindu Wedding at The George Washington Hotel | Winchester, VA

I knew Vin and Ortencia’s Hindu ceremony would be quite the experience, but it completely surpassed every expectation.  It was full of color, beautiful details, and love.  Their families were so warm and welcoming and their first look brought a lump to my throat.   This was my first time capturing a Hindu ceremony and it was AMAZING!  I want more please.. :)!  Here are some of my favorites.

Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 1Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-2Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-3Winchester VA Wedding BlogWinchester VA Wedding Photographer-4Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-8Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-6Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-7Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-9Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 4Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-1-3Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-3-2Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-2-2Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 5Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 6Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-4-2Winchester VA Wedding PhotographerWinchester VA Wedding Photographer 7Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-7-2Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-6-2Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-8-2Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-10Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-9-2Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-12Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 8Winchester Wedding Photographer 9Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-13Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-14Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-15Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 19Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-1-4Winchester VA Wedding PHotographer 20Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-2-3Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-4-3Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-3-3Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-6-3

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