Vin and Ortencia | Wedding at the George Washington Hotel | Winchester, VA

Here’s part II of Vin and Ortencia’s big day.  They celebrated in style with another ceremony in the evening.  This celebration equally as beautiful and special. I think it’s awesome that they got to honor both cultures as they start their life together as husband and wife.  

Winchester VA Wedding PHotographer 50 Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-40Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-43Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 30Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-46Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-42Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-41Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-47Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-44Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 52Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-49Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 53Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-48Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-50Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-53Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-55Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-52Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-51Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-56Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 54Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-57Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 55Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-58Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-70-2Winchester VA WEdding Photographer 31Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-70Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 33Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-60Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-64Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-62Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 32Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-61Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-66Winchester VA Wedding Photographer 34Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-67

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