Annie 2015

This little sweet heart had a great 2015!  She really took a liking to taking care of her baby dolls, helping mommy and daddy cook, Farmer in the Dell, and eating seafood.  She continues to love being outside, books, and the beach.  She’s so smart, has a steel trap memory, and says some of the funniest things.   Perhaps my favorite thing of all of the past year is seeing her imagination grow right before our eyes!  
December-1November-5October-1November-1-2August-10-2August-10March-13March-11-2Annie FogJune -10Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-76August-11August-13November-6March-12-2Annie in the mudBLOG-30October-11November-3-2November-2-2June -11Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-70 July-11March-11October-10Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-72PumpkinJune -12September-6OctoberNovember-4November-9BLOG-1Winchester VA Wedding Photographer-74Annie-2BLOG-1-2BLOG-15October-3Fathers Day-1November-10March-12March-10-2July-10November-8March-10Annie-1-2November-7Xmas Eve-1-3October-11-2November-1-3

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