Emily and Mat | Harpers Ferry Engagement

I’m pretty sure that Mat was relieved after he proposed to Emily that I would no longer bug him with “when are you going to propose?”  I was so tickled to hear that they were engaged!  I was even more excited when they inquired for me to photograph their wedding!

I loved spending time with Mat and Emily for their engagement photos. We had a blast adventuring along the river in Harpers Ferry.  I was sad when the session was over and invited myself to hangout with them afterwards 🙂  They share a passion for the outdoors and life in general, and are just plain fun to be around…. which make them the best kind of people.

I’m honored to be able to capture their love and the way the compliment one another. They are quite the match and I can’t wait for their wedding next month!!
Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer 4Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-1Harpers Ferry Engagement PhotographerHarpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-3Harpers Ferry Engagenment PhotographerHarpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-2Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-6Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-4Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-8Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-7Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer 6Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-9Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer 7Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-1-2Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer 8Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-10Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-11Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-18Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-14Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-17Emily and Mat-6Harpers Ferry Engagement Photographer-13

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