Erica and Alan | Upperville VA Wedding

I obsessively checked the radar before arriving to Cleremont for Erica and Alan’s wedding.  The weather was downright nasty and I was wishing a little relief for, at least, the ceremony.  As it turned out, the storm passed as soon as Erica dressed in her gown.   The sun made an appearance, as if it was shining just for them.

The entire day was a beautiful as can be.  As one of her bridesmaids said, when Erica was younger and talked about her wedding, this is exactly what she dreamed it would be!

Thank you, Erica and Alan, for allowing me to capture your dream of a day!

Northern VA Wedding Photographer-14

Northern VA Wedding Photographer

Northern VA Wedding Photographer 3Northern VA Wedding Photographer-1Northern VA Wedding Photographer-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-20Northern VA Wedding Photographer-10Northern VA Wedding Photographer-19Northern VA Wedding Photographer 2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-3

Northern VA Photographer 4Northern VA Wedding Photographer-15-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-11Northern VA Wedding Photographer-7Northern VA Wedding Photographer-4Northern VA Wedding Photographer-6Northern VA Wedding Photographer 7Northern VA Wedding Photographer 14Northern VA Wedding Photographer-18

Northern VA Photographer 5Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer 6Northern VA Wedding Photographer-8Northern VA Photographer 6Northern VA Wedding Photographer-9Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-3Northern VA Wedding Photographer-15Northern VA Wedding Photographer-22Northern VA Wedding Photographer 8Northern VA Wedding Photographer-12Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-4Northern VA Wedding Photographer-21Northern VA Wedding Photographer-23Northern VA Wedding Photographer-13Northern VA Wedding Photographer-26Northern VA Wedding Photographer-25Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16Northern VA Wedding Photographer-27Northern VA Wedding Photographer 10Northern VA Wedding Photographer-24Northern VA Wedding Photographer-28Northern VA Wedding Photographer-17Northern VA Wedding Photographer 12Northern VA Wedding Photographer-29Nothern VA Wedding PhotographerNorthern Virginia Wedding Photographer-50Northern VA Wedding Photographer-30Northern VA Wedding Photographer-32Northern VA Wedding Photographer 13Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-5Northern VA Wedding Photographer 15Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-9Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-6Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-7Northern VA Wedding Photographer 17Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-8Northern VA Wedding Photographer-21-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-22-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-18-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-19-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-20-2Northern VA Wedding Photographer-16-10

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