Jason and Michelle | Maternity Photographer Winchester VA

I’m so happy to capture this lovely couple during such a wonderful and exciting time in their lives.  They are expecting a baby girl in September.  McKenna, already loved by so many, is blessed to have Michelle and Jason as parents. I have watched them interact with little ones over the past few years and am in awe of how great they are: completely caring, patient, imaginative, and loving.

Thank you guys for allowing me to take these as you wait on your sweet baby girl.Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-1Winchester VA Maternity PhotographerWinchester VA Maternity Photographer-4Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-2Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-3Wincheseter VA Maternity Photographer 2Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-8Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-5Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-6Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-7Winchester VA Maternity Photographer-9

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