Chelsea | Northern VA Lifestyle Yoga Photography

I’m enamored by this gal’s strength!  I was a little scared she wanted to attempt a headstand on a rock.. but she went for it and did it with balance and grace.  Wowza!

Check her out at Jala Yoga in Winchester on Wednesday nights.
Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-1Winchester VA Lifestyle PhotographerWinchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-2Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer 4Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-3Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-4Winchester Lifestyle Photographer 1Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-8Winchester Lifestyle Photographer 2Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-12Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-13Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-7Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-15Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-6Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-11Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-14Winchester VA Lifestyle Photographer-5

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