Annie 2016

I would love to take a photo of her everyday. Maybe I’ll get there, but for right now I take as many as I can.  Whether we are playing in the yard, going on a walk , or doing something extra special and fun, I chase after her and hopefully capture a few keepers.  I love looking back at these because I feel like even if I didn’t know her, I could get a good sense of her personality.  The fact that I do know her and she’s mine, makes it beyond special and I feel like my heart could melt.

We had many adventures this year.  We enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible. We played in the sand, overcame our anxiety to swim without holding onto someone, went to a safari zoo,  went camping, caught her first fish, and became obsessed with weddings, dresses (Elsa and Anna too).  She’s got an imagination and a memory that blow me away.  She’ll recall things from over a year ago…  and not just an important milestone type memory that would typically stick out in someone’s mind, but a random memory, like what street someone lives on (someone that she’s only visited once) or the detail and color of someone’s outfit they wore a year ago.   She continues to love books, especially any story with a princess in it.  She wants to be independent and is impatient (as with most 3 year olds). She’s determined yet cautious.  She is a negotiator.  She loves to sing, dance, and act.  She’s shy around new people/places.  Wait thirty minutes, then she lets loose and is a complete silly goose. I know she will change, but she already has so many qualities that make me extremely proud and will take her far in life.  She lights up our world and we’re so incredibly blessed that she’s our Annie B!



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