Thomas and Katie | Denver Co Wedding Photographer

Thomas and Katie both grew up in Virginia and went to college about 10 miles apart. They didn’t cross paths, however, until they both moved to Colorado after college.  Hearing stories like this make it hard to discredit the fact that fate has a hand in finding love.

Their east coast families and friends, along with their photographer 🙂 made the trek to Colorado for their wedding.  It was the loveliest of celebrations.  Surrounded by their amazing families and friends , they radiated an energy that was magnetic…not only for one another, but for those around them as well.   I counted my blessings this day (and each) that I can be a part of such a important piece of their love and life.

Dever Co Wedding Photographer 1Denver CO Wedding Photographer-3Denver CO Wedding Photographer-2Denver Co Wedding Photographer 2Denver CO Wedding Photographer-5Denver CO Wedding Photographer-1-2Denver CO Wedding Photographer-7Denver Co Wedding Photographer 4Denver CO Wedding Photographer-6Denver CO Wedding Photographer 7Denver CO Wedding Photographer-8Denver CO Wedding Photographer 5Denver CO Wedding Photographer-9Denver CO Wedding Photographer-1-3.jpgDenver CO Wedding Photographer-13Denver CO Wedding Photographer 6Denver CO Wedding Photographer-14Denver CO Wedding Photographer-15Denver CO Wedding Photographer-12Denver CO Wedding Photographer-11Denver CO Wedding Photographer-17Denver CO Wedding Photographer-18Denver CO Wedding Photographer-19Denver CO Wedding Photographer-21Denver CO Wedding Photographer-20Denver CO Wedding Photographer-22Denver CO Wedding Photographer-23Denver CO Wedding PhotographerDenver CO Wedding Photographer-25Denver CO Wedding Photographer-26Denver CO Wedding Photographer-27Denver CO Wedding Photographer-30Denver CO Wedding Photographer 8Denver CO Wedding Photographer-29Denver CO Wedding Photographer 9Denver CO Wedding Photographer-31Denver CO Wedding Photographer-16Denver CO Wedding Photographer-28Denver CO Wedding Photographer-39Denver CO Wedding Photographer-1-4Denver CO Wedding Photographer-40Denver CO Wedding Photographer-37Denver CO Wedding Photographer-32Denver CO Wedding Photographer-41Denver CO Wedding Photographer-42Denver CO Wedding Photographer-43Denver CO Wedding Photographer-51Denver CO Wedding Photographer-35Denver CO Wedding Photographer-48Denver CO Photographer 10Denver CO Wedding Photographer-50Denver CO Wedding Photographer-46Denver CO Wedding Photographer-47Denver CO Wedding Photographer-55Denver CO Wedding Photographer-60Denver CO Wedding Photographer-57Denver CO Wedding Photographer-33Denver CO Wedding Photographer 11Denver CO Wedding Photographer-56Denver CO Wedding Photographer-54Denver CO Wedding Photographer-44Denver CO Wedding Photographer 13Denver CO Wedding Photographer-61Denver CO Wedding Photographer-63

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