Hi there, I’m Sarah!

My passion of photography goes way back and began with my dad's influence and love for the camera and nature. As I admired perfectly grainy film prints framed on the wall, the spark ignited. Composition, light, and shadow displayed ever so beautifully; how can I create that?
Years later, this childhood curiosity became one of my life's most important works.

I love to capture the beauty in every moment. I strive to capture honest photos that show connection, emotion, and the spirit of the subject. I'm inspired by nature, water, movement, textures, light, and people (especially my children). I want to give you photos that your children and their children can look back on and not only see the people in the photo, but feel the joy, happiness, strength, tenderness, and above all, love.

I live in Clear Brook, VA with my husband and two children. I thank God daily for the light their beautiful souls have created in my life.

Serving the Shenandoah Valley, DC Metro, and beyond

Memories fade as the days pass. It's a beautiful thing, that with the help of photos, we can be taken back to a moment and a feeling, which is something that would otherwise be lost, now found and cherished for the rest of our days.


I go into each session with a mix of lightheartedness and direction. One of my goals is that any anxiety about being "awkward" in front of the camera quickly fades and that you open up and show your true self and just have fun. We will laugh together. I will laugh at myself, because who wants their photos taken by someone who takes themselves too seriously? If you have children, we will run and play together. I will tell you that you're beautiful because...YOU ARE!

My main sources of inspiration


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